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I am Yu, a Republican candidate for the 4th District of Georgia in the upcoming Congress election. As a proud Georgian Citizen, Former Law Enforcement Officer, and Veteran, I am asking you to vote for Yu 2024. You are important now more than ever. The fate of America, the World is in your ballot.  The right to vote is a sacred right of American citizens and the cornerstone of America’s government, regardless of political ideology. I will fight to secure and protect that right for all citizens, but I can't without you. Here is what I stand for:


As a business owner, I understand that skilled workers with moral character makes for success. Education is at the center of that success. As your 7th District Representative, Georgians can be assured that I will advocate for the return to parental rights, academic vs social focused learning, and school choice.
As a business man, I know that a strong economy is essential for the prosperity of Georgia's families and communities. Business owners create jobs and pay salaries with entrepreneurship and small businesses at the heart of the American Dream.

Heavy Government control and regulations make the American Dream difficult and expensive. The Government that governs least governs best. I will make it easy for Citizen to dream big without paying big. I will work tirelessly to create more jobs and economic opportunities for Georgians. I will stop the funneling of money without backing and American priorities first.
America should be leading the world in healthcare for our citizens. As your Representative, I will promote billing reform, affordable healthcare through competition, not socialized medicine, and returning the power to doctors and patients for determining care, as opposed to protocols used to weaponize medicine.
Americans depend on their government to preserve and protect their way of life for themselves and their posterity. our 1st obligation is to those on our soil, then to those reaching our shores. ​It is that Constitutional Protection that drives thousands to our shore, and nations look to us in the time of need. I am proof America is for Immigration and an active part of the global community. I will fight for lawful entry into the US. To demand Border Security is not to keep people out, but to protect the lives and resources of those that dwell within. Safety first, then benevolence.

9 countries have nuclear capabilities. We have gone to war with 3 of these countries before, and tensions are mounting all across the globe with 6 of them. I advocate to ensure we are the best and the strongest at protecting Americans and our way of life.
Abortion— Human life, at all stages of development, in and out of the womb, must be protected. No exception. 
The Crime Prevention Research Center reports that armed citizens reduce crime by 34%. I have and will always support the right of all Law Abiding American Citizens to protect themselves against any threat to their safety and well being.

First Responders—It is the lack of staff and proper support to first responders that has created unsafe neighborhoods and poor police relations. Add to that a growing hate for these protectors, our cities are becoming criminal playgrounds making our citizens open targets without defense. I will defend and support every first responder to ensure American Families are safe.
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